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A. Thatcher Photography provides photography services for all the special occasions in your life. I love knowing that I help capture your most precious moments and give you the gift of lifetime memories. The best times in life are often short and unfortunately can be easily forgotten. Photography gives you a way to have those memories last forever. Photographs are a way of passing stories and memories from generation to generation.


Photography is the way we document our lives. From birth to wedding anniversaries and everything in between, these special moments are all preserved via photography. Some of my most treasured possessions are photographs of my family members that have been passed from generation to generation. Photography is a wonderful way to pass memories down in families and to help everyone stay connected to each other.

Photo Albums

Each photo album is custom designed for each client. No two clients are alike, just like no two albums are alike. I want everyone to have a great experience from start to finish and that includes the photo albums that will be cherished for years to come. Photo albums one of the best ways to keep all your favorite photographs together in one place and make great gifts.

Made with love

I truly love what I do! I love knowing that I am someone that you trust with your special memories. Being a photographer is so much more than just photographing someone or an event. It means being a special part of the family and being there for the happiest moments in people’s lives. I would not trade that for anything.

The gift of Memories

Let me help translate your life into memories to last forever!

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Beautiful photography

Custom photo albums

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Make your memories last forever.

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